Free Legal Screenings for Mexican Nationals

Immigration Services of Catholic Charities Fort Worth, in partnership with the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) and with the underwriting of the Mexican Consulate in the US, is conducting free legal screenings for Mexican nationals that want to find out their immigration legal options in the US.

There are many important reasons why undocumented immigrants should obtain an immigration legal screening.
1. Immigration law is complex. Understanding whether they may have a legal option leading to lawful permanent residence now or in the future is important, and sometimes life-changing, information.
2. By participating in a screening, immigrants are making connections with a local organization where they can turn if needed in the future.
3. Undocumented immigrants, in particular, are vulnerable to false promises by unscrupulous and often unauthorized practitioners of immigration law. The availability of even a one-time screening with a competent immigration legal representative can impart the necessary knowledge for immigrants to protect themselves from false promises, which may cost thousands of dollars and end in deportation.
4. Information provided during a legal screening can educate people about their legal rights and protect them from immigration enforcement.
5. Lastly, for immigrants who have a legal option, a low cost, high quality legal services provider can help them save money and may ultimately help them legalize their status.

To obtain a free legal screening, Mexican nationals will have to provide a Mexican ID (Passport, Consular ID, etc.) at the time of services.

Services offered by appointment only. Appointments can be made in person, every morning Monday through Friday, at 249 W Thornhill Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76115.

Calling 817.289.4399 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. or visit us online at