Citizenship is the last step of the immigration journey. Qualified lawful permanent residents can apply for naturalization so they can become US citizens if they meet the requirements of time on status, physical presence, and good moral character, and can demonstrate their knowledge of English and US civics.

This last step in the immigration process is deceivingly simple. We encourage anyone considering it to come to verify eligibility, the possibility of waivers to some of the requirements if needed, and we can prepare your application packet and legally represent you in front of USCIS for the life of your case.


When: Classes are from July 2 - September 28. Registration is from June 18-29, 2019.

Call: 817.289.4383, and leave a message with your name and number. Registration is by appointment only.

Cost: Classes are free. Books are $40.

Location: 249 W. Thornhill Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76115
Who: Legal Permanent Residents (green card holders) with close to 5 years of residency, or 3 years if married to a citizen.

You do not need to speak much English to take this course. We offer Beginning and Advanced levels of Citizenship courses.

Three available class schedules:
(1) Wednesday and Friday 10am - 12pm
(2) Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 pm
(3) Saturday 9am - 1pm


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