Author: fdavis

Who can file immigration cases?

The law in the United States allows people to represent themselves in legal matters. The idea is that any person can choose to be his or her own advocate. In addition, a person can have an attorney represent his or her in the legal proceeding that they are facing. What a person will not be […]

Status U no inmigrante

Ser víctima de un crimen no es nada agradable y sus efectos pueden extenderse a muchas áreas y durante muchos años, dependiendo de la gravedad. El sistema de inmigración de los Estados Unidos reconoce que las víctimas nacidas en el extranjero podrían ser mejor atendidas en ciertas ocasiones si se les proporciona una alternativa para permanecer legalmente dentro de los EE. UU. […]

U Non-immigrant Status

Being victim of a crime is nothing nice and its effects can extend to many areas and for many years, depending on the severity. The U.S. immigration system recognizes that foreign-born victims might be best served on certain occasions by being provided an alternative to remaining inside the U.S. lawfully instead of being removed back […]